Great Artist Websites, Part Two

Void Spotlight: Great Artist Websites, Part Two

Get inspired by some of the best artist websites we've discovered recently!

By Siena Oristaglio on October 18th, 2017

Welcome to a new series on The Void Academy Journal in which we feature great artist websites! We're always on the lookout for artists whose artwork we believe in and who are doing creative things to connect with their communities. Here, we'll be listing standout aspect of each websites we feature, informed by what we teach as key elements of effective arts sites. We hope this article will inspire you to make your own artist website. Moreover, as you read, we suggest that you sign up for one or more (or all!) of the mailers on these sites to experience connecting with artists in this capacity. Read on for this month's features.

Alysia Nicole Harris,

Why we like it: Clear call to action at the top of the homepage, beautiful use of large, dreamy images and quotes from the artist's works, large mailer sign-up form at the end of the homepage (with clear expectation of what those signing up will receive), well-organized navigation that includes various types of documentation and media, well-designed store where the artist's works can be purchased.

About the creator: "Pushcart nominee, Alysia Nicole Harris, is a poet, spoken word artist and linguist. She has toured nationally starring in HBO’s: Brave New Voices and also performed at the United Nations, as well as in Canada, South Africa, Germany, Slovakia, and the UK."

Jasmine Alston,

Why we like it: Clean design that incorporates colorful, high-quality images, approachable written introduction from the artist, great incorporation of Instagram feed, well-integrated mailing list call to action that sets expectations of what those signing up will receive ("Want encouragement in your inbox?").

About the creator: "I'm Jasmine and I like kale, Oprah, and chuck taylors. I'm a photographer, entrepreneur, world traveler and mom."

Olivia A Cole, 

Why we like it: Beautiful homepage with bold images of the artist and the work, great mailing list sign-up in the hello bar and main navigation, mailing list sign-up includes clear expectations of what it includes ("Micro-book reviews. Mini-rants. Vlogs in which I read you my favorite poems.") and how often it will be sent out (monthly!), well-organized navigation with a section for original content (Women of Wednesday — Micro Interview Series).

About the creator: "Olivia A. Cole is an author, blogger, and poet from Louisville, Kentucky. She spent 10 years wandering around Chicago and Miami before going back home. Olivia is represented by Regina Brooks of Serendipity Literary Agency."

Amira Rahim,

Why we like it: Bold, color-rich design with clearly-delineated sections, lovely short written mission statement by the artist, fully-functional store for the artist's work (complete with a section for reviews from those who have purchased works!), original courses and workshops also available for purchase, mailing list sign-up on every page that sets clear expectations of what those signing up will receive ("Special offers, first dibs of paintings, and personal letters from me."), includes a section for original blog content.

About the creator: "Amira Rahim is a New Jersey based artist who has been creating art since she was 13. She planned to be an attorney after graduating from the University of Pittsburg, but time spent traveling around Europe and a developing interest in sociology, culture and travel took her on a different path."

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Mensah Demary,

Why we like it: A domain name that you can shout across a crowded bar and be confident people will be able to spell it, simple black-and-white design with singular stand-out images, great textual introduction and mailing list sign-up call to action on homepage, clear expectation of what those signing up will receive ("art, culture, the news, metaphysical notes and other absurd stories."), well-designed gallery featuring essays from the artist, clear incorporation of social links in main navigation.

About the creator: "A writer and Catapult editor who lives in Brooklyn with a creative partner. Subscribe to the newsletter for art, culture, the news, metaphysical notes and other absurd stories."

Olivia Gatwood,

Why we like it: Created by the artist Oompa, the site features beautiful moving design that incorporates text as graphic elements, great variety of documentation of the artist's work, lovely written introduction from the artist, clear and obvious places to engage with the artist and buy works, simple and direct navigation, includes mailing list call to action on homepage.

About the creator: "Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Olivia Gatwood has received national recognition for her poetry, writing workshops, and work as a Title IX Compliant educator in sexual assault prevention and recovery. As a finalist at Brave New Voices, Women of the World and the National Poetry Slam, Olivia is an active member of the slam poetry community and has been featured on HBO, Verses & Flow, Button Poetry and Huffington Post, among others. Olivia has travelled nationally to perform and teach workshops on gender equality, sexuality, and social justice at over 70 colleges and 30 high schools nationwide. Her Amazon Best Selling collection, New American Best Friend, reflects her experiences growing up in both New Mexico and Trinidad, navigating girlhood, puberty, relationships, and period underwear."

Asiyami Gold,

Why we like it: Simple design elements lead visitors' focus to remain on the artist's stunning photographs, well-organized navigation, clear mailing list sign-up on each page that includes an expectation of what those signing up will receive ("upcoming stories and exciting updates"), natural incorporation of the artist's Instagram feed on the homepage, includes well-designed section for original blog content.

About the creator: "Asiyami Gold is a freelance multi-faceted curator and creator. Blending a passion for design, photography, and travel, Gold fuses these creative leanings with an effortless élan that is democratic yet defies mimicry. The brand offers a singular view of beauty and exploration, with above passions each serving as an entry point to weave the wanderlust, the elegant, and the memorable. There is a gracious kind of subtlety about a woman who has seen the voids and the fullness of the world. This calm, collected seeing embodies Asiyami Gold and her eponymous creative agency."


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