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What You'll Learn

Set Yourself Up for Success

We'll prepare for a successful campaign by assessing the community you already have and helping you connect with them

Creative Planning

We'll teach you how to create a project budget, write a project narrative, plan your campaign logistics, set your financial goal, devise creative rewards, make great content, film a compelling video, design a beautiful page, create a campaign strategy, and plan promotional events!

The Art of Asking

We'll teach you how to feel good about asking your community for financial support and help you to practice effective asking!

Campaign Roadmap

We'll guide you through the ins and outs of what executing a campaign looks and feels like, week-by-week, from start to finish

Calls to Action

We'll guide you through what makes effective calls-to-action that inspire your community to support 

The Future

How to use your campaign to set yourself up for future sustainability as an artist

You'll also receive 

community assessment 2

Our Community Assessment Workbook, which helps you to assess the community you already have.


Our Campaign Preparation Templates, which help you to create your project budget, content plan, reward structure, outreach plan, and action plan!