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Hopes to make money or or even earn a full-time living from your art?

Wants to crowdfund an art project but doesn't know where to start?

Wats to create an amazing online presence for your artwork?

Aims to grow a thriving and supportive community?

Is frustrated by an inability to get consistent funding?

Wishes there was a team that could support you through building an independent art practice?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are definitely in the right place.



Our names are Siena, Karina, and Noah and we've worked for years helping dozens of artists run successful crowdfunding projects.

Over the past few years, we've helped artists raise over $1.6 million (and counting!) towards their projects.

We've taken all of our knowledge about crowdfunding and crafted it into a step by step system that guides artists of all kinds through running amazing campaigns.

Now, we're making that system available in the form of a simple, fun online course called Step by Step Crowdfunding for Artists.


You have a beautiful online presence for your work and an excited community that keeps on growing.

You've learned how to create stunning content around your artwork, engage in creative forms of exchange with your community, and get your work funded.

You've successfully crowdfunded a project with the help of a whole lot of supporters.

You've expanded your audience and know that you can receive support from them long into the future. 

When you have questions about how to keep your art practice growing, you have a team of experts behind you, ready to offer guidance and support.


Below you'll find the curriculum for the course.
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Our Step by Step Crowdfunding for Artists course comes as part of three super-cool learning bundles so you can find a price and path that's best for you.  

  • Basic Bundle ($37)
    With this bundle, you get the online course, a set of fantastic campaign preparation templates, our artist resource library, and access to our support forums where we'll answer any question you can think of.
  • Basic Plus Bundle ($97)
    With this bundle, you get all of the above, plus access to our weekly webcast office hours, where you can check in with us and get your questions answered live, face to face.
  • Advanced Bundle ($247)
    With our Advanced Bundle, you get everything listed above, plus a one-on-one consulting session, after which you receive a personalized action plan to get you up and running.


"Before working with The Void Academy, the thought of raising $20,000 for our art felt like attempting to climb Mount Everest without an oxygen mask. You helped us locate masks and get up that mountain."

— Abraham Burickson, co-founder of the experimental performance group Odyssey Works

"Let’s face it — many of us poets, writers, dancers, and artists are great at what we do, but clueless when it comes to web design, social networking, and self-promotion. That’s where the The Void Academy comes in — to help us bridge that gap. And what a great vision they have! With their invaluable skills and support, I am seeing new possibilities for my work. I am, quite simply, thrilled."

— Nin Andrews, poet, artist, author of Why God Is A Woman

"Without The Void Academy, I don't think that I would have evolved to a place in my art where I felt like I could start being myself — making money and art on my own terms."

— Course-Taker

"I love how the courses lend themselves to one other. Being able to apply methods of community building and engagement directly to my web presence has opened my mind to a world of possibility that I had not considered before taking these courses. Thank you, Void!"

— Course-Taker

"I absolutely love what you are doing. I find your information extremely insightful and I'm looking forward to hearing what your future courses offer."

— Course-Taker

"I applaud your work. It helped me greatly. Community building is not my strong suit and I have a feeling that I am not an exception."

— Course-Taker

"The Void Academy is the source of my confidence when it comes to feeling assured that my crowdfunding campaign is growing out of a strong, organized foundation. If you make the wise choice to take their courses, the beating heart of your project will not be overlooked."

— Lauren Renner, artist, creator of the award-winning photographic series In Others Words

"I look forward to a better world for artists thanks to The Void Academy!"

— Harley Spiller, Deputy Director of Franklin Furnace

"The Void Academy has given us new perspectives on the possibilities available to our independent literary press. Their talented and visionary team has inspired us to recommit to our mission. They don't just fill the void in arts funding, they turn it inside out."

— Philip Brady, poet, author, executive director of Etruscan Press


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Our names are Noah Blumenson-Cook, Karina Vahitova, and Siena Oristaglio (pictured above, left to right!). We know that to thrive as an artist or arts organization, you need to reach an audience and generate sustainable income. We believe online tools and community funding are the future of arts sustainability and we are here to equip artists for this future. 

With a combined 30 years of experience in art-making, communications, web strategy, online fundraising, education, and media production for the arts, we will help you use online tools to grow your community and make a living doing what you love. Over the last four years, we've helped artists raise a total of 1.6 million dollars (and counting!) towards their crowdfunding projects. In 2015 (and 2016! and 2017!) Kickstarter named us official crowdfunding experts.
We can't wait to help you with your projects!


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We guarantee that you'll find our course fun and informative.

We believe so strongly in what we've created that if, for whatever reason, you are not happy with the course, we'll issue a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.


How long can I access this course?

Forever, ad infinitum, until the void swallows us all. 🙂

In what format is this course delivered?

This course is delivered over a series of short video modules, complete with text pop-ups, music, and beautiful animations! You also receive workbooks in PDF form and preparation templates in excel format.

How long is this course?

In total, our Step by Step Crowdfunding for Artists Course contains a little over two hours in total of video content.

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees on this course?

Absolutely! We believe so strongly in this course that if, for whatever reason, you are not happy with your purchase you can get in touch for a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

Do I have to know about crowdfunding in order to take this course?

Not at all! But if you want to get a better sense of the philosophy behind crowdfunding, this course also comes with our introduction mini-course, Fundamentals of Crowdfunding for Artists to make sure you're totally comfortable before you begin!


Basic Bundle

  • Full access to our Step By Step Crowdfunding course, forever
  • Full access to our Fundamentals of Crowdfunding course, forever
  • All templates, guides, and extras
  • Access to our support forums
  • A great option for any artist looking to grow their practice!

Basic Plus Bundle

  • Everything in the Basic bundle, plus:
  • Access to weekly webcast office hours with us: Ask your questions and get answers live via videochat
  • A perfect option for artists who want a little more hands-on support!

Advanced Bundle

  • Everything in the Basic Plus bundle, plus:
  • A one-on-one consulting session with us
  • A customized action plan with guidance specific to your project
  • The best option for artists who want hands-on guidance and extra support!