Great Artist Crowdfunding Projects

Void Spotlight: Great Artist Crowdfunding Projects

Some of the best Kickstarter and Patreon campaigns we've come across this month

By Siena Oristaglio on August 30th, 2017

Welcome to a new monthly series on The Void Academy Journal, in which we feature great artist crowdfunding campaigns that are live on Kickstarter and Patreon this month. We're always on the lookout for artists whose artwork we believe in and who are doing creative things with their fundraising projects. Here, we'll be listing standout aspect of each project we feature, informed by what we teach as key elements of effective arts crowdfunding campaigns. We hope these projects will inspire you to make your own outstanding campaigns. Moreover, as you read, we suggest that you back one or more (or all!) of these projects — even at the smallest level — to experience connecting with artists in this capacity. Read on for this month's features.

Artists on Kickstarter

Pope L, Flint Water at What Pipeline

From the creator: "Flint Water Project is an art installation, a performance and an intervention that calls attention to the water crisis in Flint, MI by bottling contaminated Flint tap water and selling it as a limited art edition in Detroit. 150 gallons of water will be purchased from Flint residents and transported to Detroit for bottling and packaging."

Campaign highlights: Fantastic project video with good timing, depth, and clarity, highly descriptive project narrative, in-depth project mock-ups, and clear graphic reward illustrations

Hannah Peterson, East of the River

From the creator: "East of the River is a short coming-of-age film about Teonna, a teenage girl, who is unexpectedly suspended from school and is faced with figuring out what to do with a day on the streets of the nation’s capital. Created in collaboration with local high schoolers, East of the River highlights the experiences of young students of color as they navigate Washington, D.C.'s overburdened public school system."

Campaign highlights: Great rewards structure with many digital rewards, strong video content with embedded interviews in the project narrative, excellent use of a 24-hour limited time-sensitive animation reward to generate excitement and build momentum

Ai Wei Wei, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

From the creator: "In response to the worldwide plight of migrants and refugees, divisive immigration and border control policies, and the global rise in nationalism, the exhibition, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, will be installed at 300 + sites spanning dozens of New York City neighborhoods in all five boroughs."

Campaign highlights: Great visual mock-ups of the artwork, clear rewards illustrations, creative higher-level reward packages

Chelsea Chang, Hella Strangers 

From the creator: "Hella Strangers is a comedic web-series, a chance to escape your reality by laughing at mine–the premise of the show... As we follow the narratives of several POC characters who are existing in the Bay Area between the 90’s & present-day–through their day-jobs, parties, romance, you’ll have your jaw dropped some days, tissues in hand the other days, but realizing how funny the universe tends to work practically all of those days."

Campaign highlights: Creative use of an exciting, easy-to-deliver $1 reward, good personal storytelling in project narrative

Sara Alfageeh, The 'BOY/BYE' Project

From the creator: "The Boy/Bye Project features a product line of pins, prints, patches, and stickers that celebrate women of color. The Boy/Bye Project, inspired by the iconic song "Sorry," is a lighthearted expression of solidarity with women who don't often see themselves in the stories presented to them. It's about creating your own space. It's about being flawed, assertive, and knowing when to tell them Boy, bye."

Campaign highlights: Excellent project video, beautifully illustrated project narrative, creative and exciting low-level rewards, transparent funding breakdown

Artists On Patreon

Anthoknees is creating Essays, Tweets, and Black Queerness

From the creator: "I often write analysis and criticism rooted in my own lived experience as well as my own studies, both formal and informal. Much of the knowledge I learned came from folks like my mother, friend I know in person, women of color I've never met, femmes I've never met, non-binary and trans folks I've never met, and books on books on books on books. In an effort to pass on that knowledge and be publicly accountable for the mistakes I make, I often bypass approaching a publisher and just publish it for free online. This occurs through a series of tweets on Twitter or 800-2,500 word pieces on Medium, but also occurs in different forms."

Campaign highlights: Clear list of exchanges with supporters on overview page, creative rewards structure with fun illustrations, consistent and personal engagement with supporters, clear breakdown of previous work into categories and interests (with links!)

Venus Selenite is creating Poetry, Prose, and Interdisciplinary Art

From the creator: "My name is Venus Di’Khadijah Selenite and I’m a interdisciplinary cultural worker living in Washington, DC.... I’m the first Black trans woman, as a Louisiana native, to publish a full-length poetry collection (trigger), one of the few  to perform at the Kennedy Center, the second to perform a poem at the White House, and the first to present a poetry reading at Princeton University."

Campaign highlights: Beautiful page design with graphic banner image, creative and varied rewards, clear breakdown of funding needs

Brandon G Taylor is creating essays, stories, and writing tips!

From the creator: "Hi, hello, hi. I'm Brandon Taylor, and I'm a writer, cultural commentator, and Jane Austen enthusiast. I'm a pragmatic person, so let's just cut to the chase, okay? MY CONTENT: A brand of cultural commentary rooted in queerness and blackness. My essays range from a meditation on Elizabeth Bishop and Stevie Nicks on grief to an attempt to reconcile queerness and religion. I write micro-stories on Twitter. I write personal essays via my TinyLetter, Virgin Wool. I write fiction. You can find more of my essays and fiction at my website."

Campaign highlights: Engaging description of content (with links!) on overview page, creative rewards, nice breakdown of the what, the who, the why, and the why now

Iljeoma Oluo is creating Words. Angry Words.

From the creator: "The writing I do on Medium and social media is unpaid. This is where I put the work that I want to be sure remains unfiltered and unedited by publishers. When you write about racial, economic and gender justice, this is extremely important. I really love getting these thoughts to you, but they take up a lot of time and writing is my sole source of income. Your support would help me provide a steady stream of content to you, my friends."

Campaign highlights: Great inclusion of introductory video, consistent and personal engagement with supporters, clear funding breakdown, creative use of live online classes as rewards

Rhizome Syndrigast Coelacanth Flourishing is creating Intersectional Black QT feminist writing and art

From the creator: "I'm Rhizome Syndrigast Coelacanth Flourishing, a 50 year old, radically anti-authoritarian, critically intersectional feminist, rogue theoretician, visual artist, parent, blerd, empath and all-round misfit who has been organizing, writing, publishing and sometimes performing since the early 90's. I write from a Black, immigrant Caribbean, queer, Enby, non-monogamous, working-class raised, middle-class/ed, disable-ing, neuroatypical, anti-authoritarian, kink, interdimensional walking, terra-former's perspective."

Campaign highlights: Frequent engagement with supporters, great use of illustrations and metaphor in rewards structure, clear post tags for easy searching on written topics


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